Who we are.

We're a group of old school internet marketers from different backgrounds. Some started in the spam email marketing world (before the CAN-SPAM act in 2003), others in lead generation, along with coders, copy writers, and graphic artists. Some of us experienced the internet boom of the 90s, the mortgage boom in the mid 2000s, the crash of both, and the rise of modern day affiliate marketing. The more we saw the more we realized the need to examine all the "systems" people were trying to sell.


We search and evaluate different opportunities, courses, systems, and programs.


Opportunities that match our requirements are executed on by a team of experts.


Every activity is recorded using video, spread sheets, and other appropriate medium.


We share results with all our members and in some cases the profits.

How we work.

1 Step one is finding programs and systems to examine. Most of these are found by research. Some are discovered by our partners or followers.

2 We then apply a methodology to test the product for effectivenss and accuracy of claim.

3 We create a budget for the test and in some cases we will invite the OP and friends to participate in the test and share in any profits. We share all the results regardless of outcome.